Black History Month...

I recently had a discussion with my uncle about the absolute beauty of the systemic racism still polarizing our country. When I say beauty, I'm not condoning or promoting racism, I mean, the tactics used by those in power are just fucking amazing, they have truly adapted. We all know that nowadays, if any public official or corporate big-wig were to say any openly racist shit they would be fucking crucified by the media and so on; so they have readjusted their angles, and the shit is pure genius. EXAMPLE: the ability to provide young black children with the most ridiculously negative and moronic role-models possible. Don't get me wrong, I like me some Gucci, Flocka, Jeezy etc., but being an adult, I can understand that listening to them is similar to finding entertainment in slow-people making incomprehensible noise (see Wesley WIllis RIP), whereas an impressionable teenager sees this shit and thinks that's how successful  people (exhibited through their many shiny objects) are supposed to act... fuck I'm getting old.

Did this nigga really just say "Fuck school"? ahaahahaha

The forgot one... become a rapper

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