The God Ghost-Deini

Fuck with Ghost and see what happens...

"Ayo a nigga cross me n the god aint gon be callin that nigga phone n breathin all heavy tryna get the nigga nervous namsayin. Word yo. A nigga gon look outside his bedroom window in the middle of the night n gon see the god wit a hockey mask n a fuckin sabretooth tiger on a nigga lawn namsayin. Word bond. Niggas gon see the god in they sleep. Imma send a raven to ya door with ya moms hand tied around the muthafuckin bird neck namsayin. The god gon be waitin for u wherever a nigga go. A muthafucka roll up in the Burger King drive thru n the god gon be takin that nigga order. When a nigga go to get his little whoppers at the next window the nigga gon see the god in his hockey mask nahmeans. A muthafucka go to get a starbucks joint n the god gon be makin that nigga his caramel macchiatos n shit. A nigga go to the gym to lift weights n shit n the god gon walk up on a nigga doin his bench presses n ask that nigga if he need a spotter. Word bond the god dont even need to physically put hands on niggas no more. The god got niggas shittin cinder blocks nahmeans. See the god get in a nigga mind n shit. Have niggas wonderin if the god gon play soccer wit the nigga head n shit. Wack niggas aint worried bout gettin thrown off no roof or shot in they fuckin stomach 10 times on some regular hood shit. Nah weak hearted niggas is worried bout gettin thrown in a cage wit a polar bear n shit. The kindsa shit regular niggas aint even be thinkin bout namsayin. Word yo. But a nigga stay peaceful n shit. The god just had to warn yalls niggas nahmean."

Aahahahahah... he has a blog filled with gems...

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